Back to Plein Air

On Monday and Tuesday, I found Queen City, Missouri filled with spectral ghosts from my 32-year-old past.  A number of significant landmarks had been removed.  However, the removal of one of those buildings revealed a ghost sign that had been covered since about 1885.  With great delight, I set about the task of recording this image in watercolor en plein aire.  When I lived in this town in 1976, the business was Schmitter Farm Supply.  Pictured is Marilyn, the owner in that day.  After 32 years, I found Marilyn to be just as dear a friend as she was in those days long past.  The building now is owned by Kevin Myers (also pictured), a local electrician whom I knew as an elementary school student in my former days.  He now lives in the top floor of this structure, that he himself renovated in such a way to make a Manhattan loft dweller swell with envy.

Also pictured is the watercolor in progress of this structure.  I apologize that the yellowish masking fluid is still in place, but I haven’t yet finished toning the brick facade, and therefore cannot remove the masking  just yet.  I will continue posting this image as the watercolor progresses.  Also pictured is the “gypsy ambience” I created when I pulled my Jeep over, lifted the rear gate to form a sun shield, then set up a work space, littering the area around me with various tools and supplies (I did clean up afterward).

Thank you Marilyn and Kevin for what you did to make today a splendid “day in the studio”!

Watercolor SchmitterWatercolor Schmitter gypsyWatercolor Schmitter and MyersWatercolor Schmitter actual photo


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