Traveling the Blues Route

As Highway 61 leaves the Mississippi Delta and moves northward to St. Louis, it passes through the town of Old Appleton in southeast Missouri.  My father grew up just south of there, in rural Jackson, Missouri.  The Silver Dollar Tavern was one of his favorite “blues” haunts when he was young.  The main floor was a bar, and the second story was a dance hall.  I photographed this site in the early 90’s and created this watercolor, finally making a greeting card available with text on the back.  I plan to bring out as many greeting cards as possible during Fort Worth’s Jazz By the Boulevard September 11-13.Card Last Night's DanceCard Last Night's Dance text

4 Responses to “Traveling the Blues Route”

  1. ksteinhoff Says:

    The place is looking a little worse for the wear these days. I never knew it as a Blues place.


    • davidtripp Says:

      My dad referred to it as a “blues place” where he enjoyed dancing upstairs as a teen, long, long ago. I know of no other history concerning it, though I’ve visited the place several times between 1980 and 2001.


  2. Katie Says:

    How did you get the colors to bleed like that? And appear so rich?This is absolutely beautiful! I love all of your work.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you. The bleeding colors happened where I wet the paper first, then introduced the color onto the paper. This is a very old painting (I believe from about 1990). The pigments are Winsor & Newton, and that product is very rich in saturation.


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