St. Louis Jazz Club

Jazz Club in St. Louis near the Fox Theater

Here is a nearly completed watercolor I’ve been working on of a Jazz club, now defunct, in the heart of St. Louis near the renovated Fox Theater.  While visiting family for Christmas, I put in some time trying to finish this up.  I began it last summer (2009) and hope to complete it in January 2010 as my first 2010 painting to bring out.

3 Responses to “St. Louis Jazz Club”

  1. MoxiePhotos Says:

    I love this one! I’ve been watching your progress on Facebook, and am happy to see it nearly finished. I’m glad you had a safe trip, and got some snow, too!


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thanks, Dancer. You made my day! I hope your Christmas holidays were filled with cheer as well. I love your photography! Have you recently stepped it up, or did you stay with it from the day you left Arlingon?


  3. MoxiePhotos - Dancer Spence Says:

    Thank you! I picked it up much more seriously about 4.5 years ago to fill the hole when I was no longer riding. I had never really explored the creative options offered by different lenses before then. Now I have an embarassing collection!


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