End of a Proustian Summer, 2009

Winfield, Missouri (a Mississippi Riverfront town)

As 2010 nears (today is the day before New Year’s Eve) my mind drifts back to an end-of-summer odyssey I commenced on August 3rd.  I had not been to my college town since 1976, and thought I should spend a few days on a road trip to Northeast Missouri to see if any Proustian ghosts still lingered.  They did.  At 6:59 a.m. I took several photos of this abandoned antique store in Winfield, Missouri on Hwy 79 north of St. Louis.  It is a Mississippi Riverfront town with its main drag lined with defunct businesses.  The sun was coming up bright, it was 63 degrees and very quiet, and I couldn’t stop musing over this relic of a store that once hummed with commerce.  The watercolor is not yet complete, but hopefully I’ll have it ready to hang by the first week of the New Year.

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One Response to “End of a Proustian Summer, 2009”

  1. T.L. Anderson Says:

    Very nice! Happy New Year!


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