Backyard Blues, January 5, 2010

My Brother and His Guitar

I’m embarrassed that I forgot to post this (although I did, to my Facebook friends last month).  This watercolor took first place in the membership show of the Desoto Art League (Desoto, Texas) early in December 2009.  The show just closed and I got to bring it back home again.

My younger brother is playing the guitar, although I had to use a photograph taken of him in a St. Louis living room.  I’ve always thought he resembled David Crosby, in hair, mustache and weight.  The buildings I found here in Arlington, Texas, behind the Upstairs Gallery on Abrams.  This is my first attempt to render a “bluesman” outdoors in humble surroundings.  Hopefully, I will get to pursue some more of these subjects.  I would like to put a blues guitarist on the porch of my grandmother’s defunct house (posted a couple of days ago–“No Longer Home”).  I have never put a human figure with that house in all my attempted sketches and paintings.  I think it’s time.  My attempt to work on the Wyeth drybrush as well as the Impressionist plein air came together somewhat in this painting, but I still have a long way to go.  I began a sketch yesterday that attempted to merge the two techniques, and think I have found a few fresh ideas to pursue.

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