January 4, 2010–St. Louis Jazz at the Bistro

Facade of a St. Louis Jazz Club

I have this watercolor about 99.5% finished now, so I thought I would go ahead and post it.  As noted in previous blogs, I feel a tug-of-war between the Andrew Wyeth/drybrush/neutral technique that has been my focus for some years now, over against the more recent Impressionist/plein air/saturated color technique that I have enjoyed.  My eye delights in both.

Last August while visiting my hometown St. Louis, I came across this incredible edifice of a jazz club near the renovated Fox Theater.  Standing outside of it made me feel a sense of loss as I noted the darkened interior, and thought the business had closed its doors.  As it turns out (see the post below) the club was closed for the month of August.  I paused that afternoon in silence, trying to conjure up in my memory the fading distant notes of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie.   In my watercolor sudies, I have made a few jabs at blues musicians and environments, but this is my first attempt at jazz, and hopefully not my last.

I look forward to visiting Jazz at the Bistro next time I visit St. Louis.  I’m ecstatic to know the place still thrives, and can’t wait to see the inside and hear what they have to bring.

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3 Responses to “January 4, 2010–St. Louis Jazz at the Bistro”

  1. Sue Martin Says:

    Your blog took me down memory lane to recollect my grandparents’ house in the country in Trussville, AL. I don’t think I have pictures of the place to paint from, but when I was a teenager and visiting there, I did some pencil sketches that have helped preserve the details in my mind. Also preserved, as you noted in your blog, are the smells (musty dirt and tractor grease, coal stove, baking biscuits…) and the sounds (especially bugs in the summer, roosters, chickens, and pheasants). I think I probably have enough stored up to attempt a memory painting!


  2. Bob Bennett Says:

    Jazz at the Bistro is actually very much alive David. The club runs 11-months of the year and takes off each August, which would explain why we were dark when you walked by. Beautiful watercolor of our venue by the way. Please stop by if you’re back in town when the club is open (visit http://jazzstl.org/jazzatthebistro to view our schedule).

    Bob Bennett
    Director of Operations
    Jazz at the Bistro


  3. davidtripp Says:

    Bob, thanks so much for the correction. I have now edited the blog to conform to your information. And thanks for visiting the blog. I look forward to meeting you when I return to St. Louis, and visiting the club. I’ll try not to come in August!


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