“McNeely Farm” January 8, 2010

McNeeley Place

I have resolved to do my best to blog daily my watercolor activity and theories.  This is turning into a chore.  School has resumed with all its responsibilities, and currently I am working on three acrylic canvases for a hotel commission.  Acrylic is not my preferred medium.  I may put up images of the canvases, if I find satisfaction in them.

Meanwhile, here is another old one–late eighties probably.  Those of you following my blog will recognize it as my grandmother’s house.  I’ve posted other watercolor studies of it.  This one attempts to show the surroundings and how isolated the farmhouse always appeared to me as a young child.  The second story window on the right is where my bed was when I stayed there in the summers.  One of my earlier posts has a closeup of that window.

On the right I tried to sketch in the rolling hills about 1,000 yards back, where Indian Creek cut through the farm acreage.  That creek marked my rite of passage as I learned to fish there as a child, and I still remember–in Proust fashion–memories of all those mornings and afternoons when I pulled out of those waters bluegill, sunfish, perch, catfish, largemouth bass and buffalo.  The trek across those fields was a long one for a small child, but well worth the effort.  Now little remains besides that two-story house.  Bu the memories will never die.  Sometimes I’m sorry that I don’t live in rural Jackson, Missouri.

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4 Responses to ““McNeely Farm” January 8, 2010”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:


    Your painting is lovely. I grew up in Indiana and can relate to the nostalgic feeling you get when thinking about visits to a Grandparents farm.

    Like you I am trying to keep a daily blog of my art activities and I am only successful about half the time. It is a challenge. I just started my blog January 1 but I will follow yours in the future.



    • davidtripp Says:

      Hi Linda,
      I wish I had deeper roots in Indiana. I’ve known so many lovely people from there, but never pushed that way from St. Louis (only southwest!). I can’t wait to see what’s going on with your blog. Thank you for checking mine out.


  2. lesliepaints Says:

    This is perfect. My mind wanders making up more stories as I view this. I would like to see your acrylics once you finish them, David. They can’t be bad after viewing these! How could that be? I tried acrylics once and went running home to my watercolors. 🙂


    • davidtripp Says:

      Your remarks are very kind. From my own taste, once I encountered watercolors, I lost all interest in acrylics. I love how w/c/ paper reflects the light, and prefer that over opaque white paint. I also like the smallness and intimacy of watercolor vs. large canvases. Just my opinion, that’s all. However when I get commissions, I obey, and sadly feel that when I’m doing an acrylic canvas (or mural) that I’m just doing hack work. When I paint for me, it has to be watercolor. I hope to finish these things over the weekend (due next Tuesday) so I can hurry back to my watercolors!


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