Busy, busy day–January 14, 2010


Incredibly busy day–first round of Final Exams at the high school.  Almost forgot to blog.  But I hope to keep the daily streak alive.  This watercolor was done from a photograph I took one summer in Luckenbach Texas.  I was amused that chickens ran loose all over the small settlement, and had a tendency to “hang out” around the parked Harleys.  So I created a whimsical watercolor of the subject and titled it “Harley Chicks” (visible on my website http://www.recollections54.com).  I followed it up later with this one.  I had photographed a portly man about to climb off his parked machine, and thought I would add this large pig to the composition and give it an appropriate title.  Sometimes I create work tongue-in-cheek.  Although tongue-in-cheek for me usually doesn’t translate to successful business–both original watercolors remain unsold.  Oh well.

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2 Responses to “Busy, busy day–January 14, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Regardless of whether they sell or not, these are brief moments to the humor of the artist behind the brush. The hog is so priceless, David! A collector just may snarf this up. One who recognises the difference and that the artist put a separate part of himself in it.


  2. artbythepaintedbrush Says:

    You seem to capture the very essence, atmosphere of every scene you paint, its almost like being there.


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