A Second Look at Winfield, Missouri, January 16, 2010

Closing Hour at Winfield, Missouri

(Now at the Weiler House Gallery of Fine Art.  Price $400) recollections54.com


Glad to have this one finally finished.  It is my second watercolor of this abandoned store–the last one was more frontal (posted earlier in the blog).  The blog posted earlier today has all the information on this location, so I won’t repeat it here.  I still have a soft spot in my memory for small town stores,  and hate it every time they shut down and yield to yet another 7-11, or any convenience store for that matter.  These stores were convenient enough in their own day, and would still be today, as far as I’m concerned.


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2 Responses to “A Second Look at Winfield, Missouri, January 16, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Thank-you for posting the finished piece. I like the shapes in this as well as all the evidence of techinique when I enlarge it. Color and the deep darks lead me all over this watercolor. Beautiful!


  2. David Tripp Says:

    Thank you Leslie. Your kind remarks have inspired me to return to an unfinished work that should blaze with color by the time I am finished with it. Funny to think of all the years I’ve spent carefully working on drawings and muted watercolors, then the moment I turn to rich color, not only am I enjoying the new world, but plenty of artists are joining in on the dialogue. This has been a genuine joy to me.


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