My Studio under the Trees, January 18, 2010

Fox Hunt

I’m hesitant to post a work-in-progress, especially if the content is unrecognizable.  Nevertheless, I wish to keep the blog active by posting at least once a day.  And this present work finds me in unfamiliar waters.  It is a poured watercolor, the first one I have ever tried.  Almost no brushwork is present, as instead I have spritzed the paper with a spray water bottle after masking certain areas, and then have poured watercolors straight out of a bowl, then working with tissue paper, additional spritzes, and tilting the page around to move the pigments all over the page.

The subject is a fox hunt, though the viewer probably cannot make out the ghostly traces of several equestrians following a pack of hounds.  I think this work shows potential.

It was a beautiful day in Texas, with temperatures in the high 60’s and the sun bright all day.  I spent the afternoon at Lyndon Acres in Burleson, where my wife stables her horse and spent some quality time today riding.  I set up my
“studio under the trees” and had a fabulous time experimenting with this new technique (new for me, anyway).

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One Response to “My Studio under the Trees, January 18, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I can hardly wait to see this finished, David. I have never tried pouring. Something I want to try, also. Looks like you have a great start.


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