A Surprise from my Files, January 21, 2010

Snowy Bourbon, Missouri with Railroad

A real surprise greeted me this evening as I looked through my old digital files of watercolors done in years past.  A few days ago, on January 17, I posted the right half of this painting, not knowing that the left half still existed in my files.  When I began converting my watercolors to 5 x 7″ greeting cards several years ago, I cropped this panorama composition so it would fit nicely on the standard-sized card, and completely forgot about the left hand of the composition.  The story of this subject is told in my January 17 blog, about my Christmas season surprise to see this beautiful snowscape in Bourbon, Missouri, early one morning as I was returning to Texas after a holiday visit with my St. Louis family.  This left-hand portion I did, trying to copy Edward Hopper’s oils and watercolors of railroad crossings and the embankments that partially obscure residential dwellings and small businesses.  I was trying to capture some of that when I worked out this composition.

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One Response to “A Surprise from my Files, January 21, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I like the pavement you rendered, David. I can appreciate it as one who did Lake Shore Drive scene from a car window. The other thing I like about the composition is that two-for-one idea. The left side is its’own composition due to the building on the other side of the tracks. Thank-you for showing this.


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