Impressionist Horse, January 26, 2010

Impressionist Horse

A beautiful sunwashed afternoon at Lyndon Acres, watching horses graze, my wife ride, and working on the “Hunt” watercolor (posted twice in progress).  Having only rendered two more horses in the “Hunt” I’m still holding off from posting it (not different enough yet from earlier posts).  So, here is one I call “Impressionist Horse.”  Last year, as the sun was setting in a blaze of color, I rendered this small tree rather quickly before I lost the light.  Just before the sun dipped over the rim, I threw some Alizarin Crimson into the tree shadows on the grass.  After it dried I really like what I had, even though it was just a small sketch.  For months I looked at it every time I plundered through my stacks of sketches and unfinished works, and really wanted to put a matt around it, but there just wasn’t enough, as far as I concerned–just a small tree and a cool shadow dynamic along the ground.  So one day, after sketching horses for about an hour at Lyndon Acres, I inserted this one into the composition.  You can see through the horse literally–the colors that were on the page before I added him.  But I liked the transparent effect, and liked the way the horse appeared even though (when you zoom in, you can see) there was very little color on him and even less detail.  Just a ghostly sketch of a horse.

Maybe by tomorrow I can post the “Hunt” picture.  I just can’t seem to push it very far at a time, what with all the courses I’m teaching.  There is so little quality time in the day (and night) to get art work completed.  Even now I have a pile of work left for tomorrow’s Advanced Placement Art History, and it’s nearing 8:00.  So, until tomorrow–hope you enjoy this one.  And thanks for looking–thanks even more for all your gracious comments of support.

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One Response to “Impressionist Horse, January 26, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I have been enjoying your paintings of these horses, David. They are filled with a movement that I don’t see in your other paintings and they are refreshing in that they leave me to finish them in my mind and I like that.


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