February 23, 2010–no picture yet, but it will be coming!

Sorry to post prematurely, but I’m stuck in a high school for the day without picture-posting technology.  Just wanted to say that I’m having fun with this fly fishing watercolor that I thought I was finished with last night.

Taking a page from Winslow Homer, I’ve put some very subtle circles in the water surfaces, indicating trout rising in the dark, deep pools, and have put shadowy glimpses of the trout beneath the surface circles.  I have always delighted at the glimpse of these while fly fishing in Colorado, and admired them in the Homer watercolors.  Somehow I forgot to do this with mine–till I got to school early this morning and had some time to tinker with this piece.  These are very subtle details, and I’m not sure just yet how the camera will pick them up.  But I’ll see what I can do with the photography when I return home this evening.  I promise to post the picture then (or at least some closeup details of the deep pools).

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