Today will be brighter and better! February 28, 2010

Hopper in the Bay

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a day without painting (too many chores and errands to do), and the day before, a painting that started out not-too-promising.  Here it is.  I only post it to prompt myself to have something to show for today by day’s end.  I’m saddled up with another pile of tasks (grading, preparation for three classes–Art History, Advanced Placement Art History and Logic) and a few household chores.  But it is gorgeous outside as I write this (47 degrees but incredibly bright, sunny and the promise of warming up as the day progresses), and so I’ve determined that I will get outside and paint en plein air. My wife comes home from riding around noon, and then has to work in the public library will 5:00 (bummer), but I will get out into the sunlight when she leaves for work, and put in a minimum of five hours while she does the same.

Thanks, all of you who read and follow my blog posts.  I assure you (as well as myself) that today will be a day of artistic production.  I already look forward to posting tonight.  I hope all of you artists find the time today to create as well.  I love one of the opening lines from the motion picture The Emperors Club–the teacher, in his senior years, declares that he is only certain of two things.  One of them is–days that begin with rowing across the lake are better than days that don’t.  The other–a man’s character is his fate.  I hold to both of those principles–(for me) days that involve creating art are better than days that don’t, and . . . my character (as artistic) is my fate.

Thanks again for reading.  Talk to you later . . .

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