First Art Festival of 2010, March 7, 2010

Abandoned Filling Station north of Weatherford, Texas

With only three days to go till my first Art Festival of the year,  I’m scrambling to create greeting cards from all my recent watercolors.   This 5 x 7″ card is blank inside, with the following caption on the back:  With all greeting cards, my first intention is to identify the location of the subject.   I have been unable to re-locate this abandoned service station that caught my eye in 2007 while I was driving north of Weatherford, Texas.  All I can say is that it sits at a crossroads on a Farm Market road.  Twice I have returned to the vicinity, and have been unable to find it.  Service stations are among my favorite subjects for watercolor, and I came across this one during a fine sunny morning, when I was able to capture with the camera this wonderful separation of sunlight and cool shadows.

I’ll try to post all the new greeting cards in the days ahead.  The festival is in Hillsboro, Texas, Thursday through Sunday, at the Outlets alongside Interstate 35.  I’m pleased, for the first time, to have a 10 x 20′ booth out of which to sell my art.

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One Response to “First Art Festival of 2010, March 7, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    This one has that eerie feel of an impending storm. I like that feel for this old abandoned gas station.


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