McKinney, Texas plein air activity, Saturday, May 1

601 College Street, McKinney, Texas

The blog post following this one tells the whole story of my plein air activity in McKinney, Texas on May 1.  It was organized by the Southwestern Watercolor Society.  This watercolor sketch is the second of four that I created on that day.  I had finished the first painting by 10:15, and began this one around 10:30, finishing it just before noon.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the historic homes and properties were full of color.  I especially delighted in the juxtaposition of the rock and brick facade colors of this historic home against the deep, deep green shadows forming on the property just to the right.  The Garrett Art Gallery at 111 E. Virginia (on the town square) provided a space for us to hang our work to be judged.  I was delighted (and quite surprised) to be awarded First Place.  There were scores of magnificent works cranked out that day by twenty-two watercolorists.

The Garrett Art Gallery will be hanging this painting, framed, along with other framed works created that day by the other artists in a special exhibition to be held July 10 through August 12.  My three other watercolor sketches will be matted,  shrink-wrapped, and placed in bins in the gallery as well.  All work will be up for sale.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “McKinney, Texas plein air activity, Saturday, May 1”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Incredible painting. The darks are rich and powerful. Congratulations! I’m sure your painting deserves the award.


  2. David Tripp Says:

    Thank you. I really felt good about this one as I worked on it. And the sun and shadows were really cooperative (and I was in a nice cool shade!).


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