Granbury Plein Air, May 15, 2010

Town House on Bridge Street, Granbury, Texas

The weather was largely uncooperative during the Outdoor Painters Society plein air activity in Granbury, Texas.  Heavy storms filled the first day, so I didn’t paint at all.  Fortunately I had reserved a hotel room, and managed to get in plenty of quality reading and journaling.  I also had the fortune of spending a large portion of that morning in the studio of local artist Robert Cook.  He generously gave his time demonstrating for me some fabulous techniques of rendering trees with some modified brushes.  Afterward, he drove me around the town, showing me quality sites for plein air experimentation.  By the time Saturday rolled around I was ready.

But alas, the entire Saturday morning was dark gray and overcast.  No light or shadows to be found.  So, I set up outside this beautiful Victorian home on Bridge Street and worked hard at drawing it, then faked it, concerning sunlight and shadows.  The results weren’t convincing, but nevertheless I was able to put in some quality time studying and drawing Victorian architecture.  I never cease to be amazed at all the angles and intricate details in these lovely homes.

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