Waxahachie Quick Draw and Auction, May 29, 2010

Waxahachie Sunlight

The Quick Draw event is now in the books.  I was satisfied with this 90-minute watercolor sketch, 9 x 12″.  It sold at auction for $60.  I guess there are more dishonest ways to make money!  I laughed in spite of myself as I made a few bloopers, trying too hard and working too fast.  I could hear the growling, muttering voice of Cezanne–“composition off, colors wrong, errant hand!”  Ten minutes into this project, the sun found me.  I should have done a better job spotting the sun and shade tree above me.  I had not idea that I was positioned to lose my shade so fast.  So I sweltered through this whole thing.  Glad I brough the sun block.

Fifty-five artists have registered for the Paint Historic Waxahachie event, which will last until next weekend.  I’m pretty beat right now, but hopefully will get enough quality sleep tonight to rise early and hit it again in the morning.

Thanks for reading.

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