Fly Fishing poured watercolor, July 8, 2010

South Fork Flyfishing 2

My studio time has been interrupted daily, but I think that is turning out to be a good thing.  This is a poured watercolor, and I have to walk away from it when it gets all wet and soupy.  It takes a long time for the puddles of watercolor to set and dry, and then I return and glaze over them, and then walk away again.  I think the interruptions have been good.

I like reading of how Andrew Wyeth took months and months to complete a single painting, because he required plenty of “composting” time to look at the composition from different angles and on different days.  It took him a long time to decide whether to go on or sign the painting and leave it.  This is what is happening with this one–I’m looking at it daily, and deciding where to go next with it.  It helps also that I have three other large paintings in progress; sometimes I just work on one of the others, and it also comes with its own set of problems, perspectives, decisions, etc.  So, in this instance, the daily interruptions of business and errands are a good thing–they are helping keep these new paintings fresh.

This particular piece I am truly getting lost in, and enjoying the experience.  Pouring, salting, scraping, dabbing with tissue–all of those instances are proving to be fun to watch.  And then there’s the brush work, the pencil work, the water-soluble graphite pencils, watercolor pencils and all the other wonderful paraphernalia that is sold to watercolor enthusiasts.  And infinite thanks goes to my Eureka Springs Plein Air students of last month who introduced me to the masquepen!  Wow!  All these years I have wrestled (and often lost) with those darned bottles of Art Masking Fluid!  Now I find a masking solution that is applied as if with a pen nib.  What a wonderful tool!

Well, I have to go to a gallery now and submit work for a show Saturday night.  But I will be back, with enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading.

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