Queen Anne’s Lace from Queen City, Missouri, July 18, 2010

Queen City Queen Annes LaceThough I don’t have access to my beloved Photoshop while on the road, I have found a way to post plein air watercolors to my blog while I’m at it.  I’m delighted now to have that capability.  I’m in my hotel room in Kirksville, Missouri, using a laptop.

Yesterday evening, while visiting with old friends in Queen City, Missouri, I noticed the sun about to set and asked them if they had any Queen Anne’s Lace on their property.  They did, and I had less than 30 minutes to dash this one out before the sun was lost.

I’m drawing from the immortal Marcel Proust now, and his idea of “rembrances from things past” as I share with you that Queen Anne’s Lace was my favorite “flower” when I was a very small child, running and playing outdoors.  I had no idea it was a weed.  I had great difficulty plucking them as their stems were like twine, and yes, they stank.  My parents always reminded me that they were not flowers and they stank.  But to me, nothing was lovelier than the cool white blossoms of the Queen Anne’s lace, especially when the sun was setting.

Yesterday, driving from St. Louis to Kirksville, via Interstate 70 and U. S. Highway 63, I was smitten at the sight of Queen Anne’s lace alongside the highways, standing out against the dark wooded areas, and was transported back to my childhood play.  By the time I had reached Queen City, I had decided against painting old gas stations and architectural relics.  It was time to revisit an image that meant something to me primally, long before I ever took up a paintbrush.

Thanks for reading.

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