Route 66 Zephyr Station, July 18, 2010

Route 66 Zephyr Station

On Friday morning, July 16, I left Arlington, Texas at 6:00 a.m. and began my drive to St. Louis to visit Mom & Dad.  I stopped frequently along the way to stretch my legs and stay awake.  My plan was to get out of my Jeep and paint some kind of historic Route 66 landmark once I neared St. Louis about ten hours later.  I exited Interstate 44 late that afternoon St. Clair, and began looking for the town of Villa Ridge on Highway 100 which is part of the historic route 66.  Highway 100 is hopelessly cut up by the freeway and other county roads, and I seemed to drive circuitously about the region, pointed to all four points of the compass alternately, until I got pulled over by the Missouri Highway Patrol for an illegal turn.  Fortunately, the patrolman gave me a warning, and told me how to get to my landmark.

By the time I had found this abandoned Zephyr station, nearer to Washington than St. Clair, on Route AT, I had only about 30 minutes before the sun would vanish.  I worked quickly, and made the acquaintance of a lady who kept an Appaloosa horse in a 100-year-old barn behind this station in the dark wooded area.  She invited me to see the horse, photograph the barn, and pointed out the raised grassy portion on top of which I had parked my Jeep, which was lined with ancient pines on the north side.  She told me that that was the roadbed of the original route 66!

I’m in Kirksville, Missouri this morning, but will return to St. Louis this afternoon.  While visiting with my family, I plan to make some more excursions out to the historic 66 area.  I have already found a couple of hotels I would also like to paint.  Hopefully time and weather will cooperate.

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