Back Home Again; Plenty to Post, August 15, 2010

Colorado Vistas

After more than 3,000 miles of driving over twelve days, Sandi and I finally returned home late this evening.  I have plenty of watercolors to post–I managed to do seven of them during the trip.  Some have already appeared in their working stages, but today in Lubbock I put finishing touches to a number of them and thus will post them again.

My agenda in Colorado was to paint for the first time there en plein air. And my primary subject was going to be mountains.  I had hoped to paint stands of Aspen trees as well, but didn’t get that done.  If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I did some sketches of Pike’s Peak, Crested Butte and the bluffs behind the town of Creede.  What is posted above is the result of a silly inclination that seized me on the final day that we left Colorado, with Sandi driving.  Sitting in the passenger seat, I was intoxicated at the endless passing of mountain ranges, so I giggled and pulled out my leather bag of watercolor supplies, opened a bottle of water, drew out a block, and began doing sketches of the mountain ranges as they passed us by.  I held the block in my lap and just continued to add mountain ranges, one ribbon at a time.  This is what finally emerged.  I cannot tell you where this location is, because it is the combination of ranges and meadows that I witnessed over a 3 1/2 hour drive from Almont to Salida to Canon City to Walzenburg to Trinidad to Raton Pass.  And I enjoyed every minute of the experimentation.

Thanks for reading.

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