Show Time Drawing Near

Jazz by the Boulevard Festival this weekend

The year 2010 has been amazing for me.  To date I have completed 72 watercolors during this calendar year–many of them en plein air. This weekend will be my first art festival to kick off the fall season.  So far,  I have matted 25 new original watercolors, and have them spread out here on my dining room table, and in adjacent chairs.  I’m beginning to feel the exhaustion of long hours packaging and labeling, but certainly look forward to the festival.

Thanks for reading.

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8 Responses to “Show Time Drawing Near”

  1. Alex Zonis Says:

    They look fantastic assembled like this. I applaud your dedication and hard work! Wishing you a wonderful and productive festival!


    • David Tripp Says:

      Thanks Alex. I feel the Andy Warhol connection in times like this. Every time he had a deadline approaching, he went into the “Factory” mode and began cranking out work like an assembly line. It means lack of sleep, but I do enjoy the “rush” of staying up late, with music blaring (or Andy Warhol DVD documentaries) and measuring, cutting, matting, taping, shrink wrapping, labeling, etc. And I’m always gratified to find out how many paintings I have done in the interim between festivals.

      Thanks again for looking, and posting.


      • lindahalcombfineart Says:

        Yes but Andy had a “Factory” to help make it happen! We have a Warhol exhibit opening in Indy in October. I have watched the Bravo 2 part Documentary and am getting ready to watch the Ric Burns PBS documentary. Which do you prefer?


      • David Tripp Says:

        My goodness, Linda! I don’t know either of those films you mentioned, and have to go find out now. The ones I have enjoyed (4 of them) are the Portrait of the Artist, the A & E Biography, Andy Warhol: Life and Death, and The Life and Times of Andy Warhol Superstar. I’ve also enjoyed I Shot Andy Warhol and Basquiat. I’m reading Popism right now, and finished Factory Made a couple of years ago. I can’t get enough of him. Our Fort Worth Modern Art Museum had a fabulous show of Warhol’s Portraits from the Final Decade earlier this year. Any way–I’m doing the “Factory” thing once more tonight–shrink wrapping 32 pieces and printing off scores of greeting cards. Will load in the morning and head out . . .


  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Very, very impressive. I love your work and wish you success at the art fair. Just curious, do you always mat in black? Is this just a personal preference or is there a reason? Very attractive approach.


    • David Tripp Says:

      Thank you Linda. I mat in black because it’s cheaper than white. When I have the time, I double-mat with white over black (and I have a few of those ready for this festival). But now I’m out of time, so it’s black, cheap and fast. Thanks for the kind comment. I was hoping the presentation was O.K.


  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Wishing you good fortune, David! Your work deserves new homes!


  4. David Tripp Says:

    Thank you, Leslie. I’m surviving on 2 hours sleep for the moment. Will be at it till 11:00 tonight. Glad we don’t re-open till 1:00 tomorrow! I’m needing some sleep! But I’m excited, nevertheless. I love art and music festivals, especially when Jazz is involved.


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