Finding My Way Back, September 26, 2010

Route 66 Road House

It’s been along time since I’ve posted.  I have managed to do some painting, but mostly I’ve been teaching on two campuses and participating in art festivals.  The one posted above was done during the Jazz by the Boulevard festival in Fort Worth the weekend of September 11.  The sales were a little slow, and the crowd thin at times (and the heat and humidity absolutely despicable!).  So I worked on this throughout the Saturday portion of the event, and finished it early Sunday morning just after the gates re-opened for day two of the festival.  For anyone looking at my website (, you will notice that I’ve tried this composition before, only the website version has railroad tracks cutting off the bottom of the composition.  That was due to cold feet–I couldn’t make up my mind how to lay in the foreground highway.  The website version sold, and I decided I would give this composition another shot, only this time put in the highway as it appears in the photograph I took several years ago while cruising about in New Mexico.  I think this one is much improved.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll try to post more frequently, as I have other works now in progress.  However, I do have four festivals approaching over the next four consecutive weekends.

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2 Responses to “Finding My Way Back, September 26, 2010”

  1. Pierre Says:

    I’ve missed your posts but the earlier ones got me started painting outside again and for that I thank you very much. Yesterday we had a plein air session followed by an auction and I managed to sell three, for ridiculous prices mind you, but all of which were of local interest; two churches and a merchant standing in front of his store. The moral I draw from this experience is that local subjects have the most draw. Pierre


    • davidtripp Says:

      Wow, what great news, Pierre! It’s thrilling to do plein air and even more so to sell the results! I’m glad you’re taking it up. I had the good fortune of participating in a 7-day plein air event last June. I did 9 paintings over the 7 days, and sold 7 of them. It was a very satisfying endeavor.

      Yesterday I wrapped up a 3-day art festival, and sat behind my booth doing watercolor sketches, using some photos I had taken over the years of subjects I had hoped to get around painting. To my surprise, a patron came by and bought one of those watercolor sketches, without frame, matting or even shrink-wrap. Makes one wonder!

      Again, congratulations to you.


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