15-Minute Plein Air Watercolor Sketch, Oct 26

Tree Sketch, Watercolor

The art festival circuit over the month of October has completely taken me away from the plein air activity I have enjoyed so much over this past year.  Yesterday evening, after a brief workout at the health club, I re-joined my wife at the farm where she stables her horse, and was glad to find that she still had about 30 minutes of work to do.

Feeling a “Winslow Homer” and “Andrew Wyeth” surge, I looked out at the raw beauty of an autumn sun setting over the pastureland, and took fifteen minutes to dash out this sketch on an 8 x 10″ watercolor block.  I was not aware of working quickly, or against a clock, or against a time table.  I just happened to be delighted to note that only fifteen minutes elided by the time I called this one quits.  I took no pains to correct, adjust, or edit in any form.  I’m happy with the spontaneity of the sketch, and regret that this has not played a significant role in my past decade as a watercolor artist.  I hope that this chance encounter will shift the tide and convert me to a habitual “sketcher” in pencil as well as drybrush.  This fall, I pledge that my watercolor supplies will remain always in the Jeep with me, even if I am just going to work.  Hopefully, I’ll become more prolific in this art.  Last night’s experiment was overwhelmingly satisfying to me.

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to “15-Minute Plein Air Watercolor Sketch, Oct 26”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    This is a lovely vignette of a tree, David. An inspiration to me to try some of this myself.


  2. David Tripp Says:

    Thanks, Leslie. For decades, I have lusted over Andrew Wyeth’s rendering of tree bark and foliage. I’m finally making myself tackle this–I’ve always loved it in watercolor and pencil, but have felt too timid to practice it myself. I have my watercolor pack and French easel loaded in my Jeep now, and they are staying there for the time being. I found this convenient when I dashed out this evening to paint at the Weiler House. Perhaps it will happen again tomorrow. At least I’ll always have the basics in my vehicle when I am tooling about.


  3. Prakash Says:

    Beautiful work !


  4. Hempmaster77 Says:

    I agree with your thoughts as to the freshness and believed that you captured the “character” or essence of the tree! I love it when the painting almost paints itself and the universe and you just merge as one if only for 15 minutes.


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