Thanksgiving Fall Foliage from my Garage Studio, November 26, 2010

During the Thanksgiving Holidays, as the temperatures dropped and the sunlight grew stronger against the fall foliage, I got this crazy notion to set up my French easel in my garage and do some quick watercolor sketches of the neighbors’ trees across the street.  Keeping warm with a thermos of coffee, I had the time of my life that afternoon as I worked on two quick sketches that involved plenty of masking and pouring of the watercolor pigments.  I’m still messing with the two pieces but decided to post one of them tonight to show anyone interested how the experiment is coming along.  I had a fabulous time, working like a mad scientist in his laboratory that day.  I hope to do it again soon.

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully I will be able to post before long a new painting of my wife on her horse, along a fence line, beneath fall foliage.  This is going to be another large poured piece.

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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Fall Foliage from my Garage Studio, November 26, 2010”

  1. Pierre Says:

    Good morning! Just a quick word to say how much I admire your work and enjoy these postings. One of these days I will get the courage to try a poured piece like the one you are planning. I really appreciated your description of how you did things last time – it’s the teacher in you, I guess, but you need not go to those lenghts again. I’m visiting Boston to day and Long Island tomorrow. Much warmer here than where I live in the land of no sticks and warm fuzzy white bears. Really, I’m exagerating.


    • David Tripp Says:

      Thanks for the gracious words, Pierre. I hope you take the plunge and pour–I’m really pleased with the “accidents” that occur when that happens. Hopefully you’ll find it to be fun as well. I wish to God I could be in Boston and Long Island–what a fabulous Odyssey! When I think of Boston, my mind goes to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edward Hopper, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning–those men did such remarkable work when they landed in that general area. Of course when I think of Long Island, again I recall Motherwell, de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Paul Tillich. What amazing fertile ideas were hatched there in paint, words and philosophy! Enjoy it!


  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Wow! This is great. I love your use of complimentary colors and the strong contrast in values. And I learned something here – how important it can be to simplify. I get tangled up in the background detail. What and how much to use – where to put it – yuck! I love your solution – use none of it!


    • David Tripp Says:

      Thank you, Linda. You nailed what I was thinking. I did not want to paint a modern suburban home behind the tree and I wanted the gold leaves to “pop” they way they were doing that day. So I thought I would take a chance and pour various purple veils behind it all, once I got all that tedious masking finished. Then of course, there was all the re-doing, re-touching, etc., once the masking was peeled off. That’s the reason the other composition is still just lying about–I’m not much in the mood to fiddle with all the re-do’s!


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