More Fall Colors from the Afternoon Garage Studio, December 1, 2010

Afternoon Fall Colors from my Garage Studio

My brain was sucked dry by early afternoon.  Today was Philosophy with Emerson and A. P. Art History with Byzantium.  What a privilege to find bright sun, 50-degree termperatures, and the fall foliage still hanging around for the likes of me to chase it in watercolor.  My French easel was still set up in the garage (the Jeep hasn’t been too happy with me, parked out in the cold on recent nights), and for once I’m glad I was a slob in not putting away all my watercolor supplies–they were all laid out, ready for me to pick them up.

This is the second of the two paintings I started on the morning before Thanksgiving.  After masking and pouring the purples, I left it alone, till this afternoon.  The time spent on it was rewarding for me–all cares simply elide when I’m stooped over a watercolor, and the thoughts improve in every area of life.  I think the process is more restorative to me spiritually than the finished work is to others visually, even when I receive kind words for my work.  I wonder if I should even call this “work”–it seems like play, and very wholesome play at that.  I’m filled with gratitude for afternoons like today.

Thanks for reading.  I did pour the first two layers of gold foliage on my newest equestrian painting.  There isn’t enough to post yet, but I shall get it out there before you, quite soon, I believe.

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5 Responses to “More Fall Colors from the Afternoon Garage Studio, December 1, 2010”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    David, With this painting I feel the strength in the short, thick trunk while the last painting had a feeling of grace and subtleness. I like both and once again I like the color scheme…very appropriate for the time of year and subject. The composition and values are strong and support your focal point. I really like the section with the fallen leaves.


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thank you, Linda. I never could make up my mind whether this tree was stout or elegant. I thought the trunk was stout, but the limbs were very graceful. I always struggle with trees–cannot ever seem to match their “structure” on my paper. But I love trying. I’ve been really engrossed in tree structures, foliage, fall colors, etc. for several weeks now, and hope I continue to focus on this during the winter when I can really see the underlying forms. I’ve been “faking it” for years and would like to come clean now. I still go nuts when I look at Andrew Wyeth’s renderings–I think of perfection when I see his pencil studies and drybrush pieces. Maybe someday . . .


  3. francis Says:

    I love the sunshine on this painting. The bright and rugged colors with the tall sunlite grass and shade under the tree. Nice work there David.


  4. Dena Hill Says:

    Hello, David. We met in Southlake in the fall at the festival. I just discovered your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing your fine work. Just wanted you to know.


  5. David Tripp Says:

    Thanks so much, Francis and Dena. I appreciate so much the observations on my recent work. I’ve had fun experimenting lately, and hope I have the guts to keep pushing into new frontiers.


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