Ezra Pound and Eureka Springs Cafe in my Man Cave

Eureka Springs Cafe DowntownToday I was greeted with more lousy news from my school district.  I left the campus angrily and shut myself into my man cave/garage studio, and soon the bitterness subsided and the sublimity of painting flooded my being–a good trade.  I won’t go into the school crap–it’s not worth discussing.

While gazing at this sidewalk cafe setting (wishing I could enter the picture!), I listened to Voices and Visions documentaries on my TV/VCR and my soul was overwhelmed as I listened to the Ezra Pound saga–my word!  How did the man survive so many years of incarceration and continue to pour out his Cantos?  As I continued to listen, I was abruptly surprised to see that this painting is nearing . . . completion!  Wow, how did that happen?  30 x 22″ of watercolor nearly complete, and I thought I had a couple of weeks at least remaining before I could think of stopping.  I think the only areas that need more attention are the lower half of the cafe patrons, the foreground pavement textures, and . . . those umbrellas still don’t look right to me–perhaps more intense color?  I’ll linger on that one.

Tomorrow promises to be fabulous–a pretty day with temperatures rising.  I’ve decided to return to the Brazos River to fly fish for trout (about a two-hour drive west).  I’m taking my French easel and watercolor supplies along as well.  If all goes according to my wishes, by tomorrow night I’ll be posting a plein air watercolor of the Brazos River and the Highway 16 bridge near Possum Kingdom dam.  Hopefully there will be rainbow trout on the stringer and a painting in the box!

Thanks for reading.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “Ezra Pound and Eureka Springs Cafe in my Man Cave”

  1. Stacy Campbell Says:

    I loved the vibrant building and the somewhat muted colors of the umbrellas. I am sure you know best…but I love it so much already. I am such a fan!


  2. lesliepaints Says:

    I, too, want to be there in your picture, David. Warm and listening to the hum of other voices. Bravo on this milestone! You have inspired me to try a 30 x 22 this summer. Already in search, in my mind, of what I will use for reference( just in case I never do another, it will have to be special). Don’t blame you for hiding away with your painting during a rough go with changes made to the system. Thinking of you!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you for such a timely response, Leslie. I am almost to the Brazos River, with French easel in tow. The light is splendid. Hope I get something decent accomplished. Are you painting today?
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  3. davidtripp Says:

    Leslie, sorry about all that snow! I feel as though I’m gloating down here, going outside, or staying in the garage and raising the door for cool breezes. I hope you’re able to find a way to paint inside, and like it. I stayed up late last night (and alas, am tired today in school) and finished my big piece. Glad now to move on to something else–whatever that may be. Keep painting!


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