Another Route 66 Piece of Nostalgia

Route 66 Memories, Claude, Texas

I’m up a bit early for a Sunday morning (rose a little before 8:00) considering that I didn’t retire to bed until after midnight.  I had some trouble sleeping because I had finished a large watercolor of Spencer’s Grill, with the help of a thermos of coffee.  I know better than that.

At any rate, I’ beginning another nostalgic landmark watercolor from an old neighborhood in St. Louis, and there isn’t enough recognizable content to post just yet.  Hopefully that will change in a few hours.  I thought I would post an earlier work from 2006, now at the Weiler House Fine Art Gallery ( that feature a Route 66 nostalgic perspective.  I photographed this abandoned gas station in Claude, Texas while en route to Colorado to pursue my passion for fly fishing.  In those days I simply took the digital camera with me, shot pictures, and later created watercolors from them in the studio.  Since converting to plein air a couple of years ago, I have been taking watercolor supplies along with my camera (and fly fishing gear!).  A few days ago I posted Cold Desolation which I painted while looping a road odyssey through Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.  But none of that painting was done en plein air–I simply worked from older photos I had taken, choosing to paint inside hotel rooms and cabins.

The composition posted features the station in Claude, Texas, and the Studebaker I found somewhere along Route 66 in New Mexico, not far from Santa Rosa.  New Mexico has been great for finding vintage automobiles to paint.

Well, it’s back to the “cave” to see if I can make something nice out of my latest St. Louis pick.  Hope to post something later today–dang, I’ve got plenty of school work to complete for tomorrow, and tomorrow night is Open House, and . . . !  I’ll paint anyway.  The day is too nice not to.

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