David Slight paints his Third Watercolor in my Garage

Sail Away

My name is David Slight.  I am sitting in David Tripp’s “studio” as it is and continuing on my own personal water color development under Dave’s watchful eye.  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in one ear, on a record player no less,  and Dave Tripp’s tutelage in the other.  Bliss!!!  With the development of this talent, I am seriously considering a blog site of my own.  This is my third water color to finish under Dave’s encouragement and critique and already I am finding myself trying to experiment on my own and figure things out without having to stop him in his work to ask, “What do I do next?”  Several times during this watercolor setting he would look up and ask, “Focused?”  I am not sure I even answered.  Amazingly  I have found myself lost in this art and time essentially vanished for the afternoon.  My last question to him today was, “When do you call it finished?”  I am not sure he had an answer for me, but I am calling this one finished and already looking forward to study under David some more.

Hi!  I’m David Tripp, and I approved this ad!  I’ll be posting my stuff in due time, but wanted to encourage Dave to “send his stuff up the flagpole” and feel the thrill of blogging one’s art endeavors.

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One Response to “David Slight paints his Third Watercolor in my Garage”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Nice composition. Waves are very hard to paint and you captured the movement of the sea. Well done!


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