Three Watercolors for the Home

Three framed watercolors in the Home

I grew up listening to the adage that physicians’ children were the sickest, teachers’ children the dumbest, preachers’ children the meanest, mechanics’ cars the worst maintained, etc.  For year after year, I could not afford to custom frame my own watercolors, then once I could afford it, I started selling them more than hanging them.  Finally I have been able to fill my own home with custom-framed work of mine, and am glad to be able to look at them.

With my first one man show approaching this September, I need to frame sooner rather than later, so I don’t find myself scrambling for “presentation pieces” when show time arrives.  These three I just picked up from the Weiler House Fine Art Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas–the gallery that will host my September show.  I have already posted the images as I completed them in the studio recently, but wanted to show the presentation in my entry way as it now appears.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to begin my first plein air watercolor study in over a week.  I have errands to run at the moment, but hopefully I will return to the work later this afternoon and post this evening.

Thank you for reading.

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5 Responses to “Three Watercolors for the Home”

  1. Nancy Trottier Says:

    These look wonderful David! Good to have some of your work at home I bet! I know the feeling. I am taking three pieces down off our walls for the local Art 2011 show!!


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thank you, Nancy. Yes, I’m proud finally to have some new and framed pieces hanging in my home for a change.

    I just left the Dallas Guitar Show where I sold a pair of limited edition giclee prints of a deceased friend and guitar player who had become quite a local legend. They have set up a booth in his memory and furnished it with his memorabilia. My prints are in place there. I was moved when I saw his guitar, jacket, assortment of harps and other things. Photos were remarkable too.


  3. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Wonderful collection. I like the simple straight forward style you selected for the framing. It allows your paintings to shine.


  4. davidtripp Says:

    Thanks, Linda. My gallery director made the selections (I am clueless when it comes to matting and frame design). He has done several pieces for me now, and I think all of them are spectacular. I love it when a framer works his/her magic.


    • lindahalcombfineart Says:

      I have a very good framing firm that I use. Even though his prices are really good it is still expensive so I only do it for the largest or best paintings. Usually ones that are going to competitions.


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