Edward Hopper-style Victorian Watercolor at Weatherford, Texas

Victorian Home, Weatherford, Texas

Finally I return to this large watercolor that I abandoned several weeks ago.  I have been intimidated by the huge expanse of lawn, not knowing for sure how to render it.  The grass was winter grass, not brown, but not very green either, and showing up in patches.  Nevertheless the lawn was freshly mowed.  So I was in a quandary–I’m comfortable rendering watercolors of dead, brown, tall weeds and of summer manicured lawns of verdant green.  But I’ve never attempted this kind of grass patterns before, and certainly not on a full-size sheet of watercolor paper (about 22 x 28″).

So far, I’m not unhappy with what is emerging.  We’ll see what transpires tomorrow when I tackle it afresh.  I’ve known from the start that if all else fails, I could take this painting to the paper cutter and have only the house and surrounding trees.  But I have always loved the Edward Hopper watercolor compositions where he has posted a Victorian home or a lighthouse high atop a verdant hill.  I really wanted that kind of composition with this painting.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Edward Hopper-style Victorian Watercolor at Weatherford, Texas”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I love the perspective. Don’t give up on the lawn but remember you don’t have to render exactly what was there. Maybe look through a book with Wyeth paintings?


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Linda. I decided to let it go after “noodling” with it some more today. I took it to the gallery for framing. I think I left just enough grass rendering to let the viewer provide the rest of the necessary details. If I didn’t exactly get it this time, perhaps I will the next. I’m glad to be moving on to something else. Thanks again for all your caring comments–they are very deeply appreciated.


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