Stopping at the Desolate Winfield, Missouri Antique Store on a Summer Morning

Winfield, Missouri Antique Store in Progress

I am starting to repair some of the bad beginnings to this painting.  It started out as a poured watercolor, and much of the pouring of the foliage in the background got away from me.  Thanks to the brush, and some patience, the foliage is starting to look a little better.  I had also exerted considerable clumsiness in rendering this store facade in pencil.  Today, thanks to the eraser and a good triangle, I “re-plumbed” the structure and now it actually appears to be standing upright as it should.  Some of the faulty perspective lines of the siding have also been repaired.  The building looks more “correct” now.

I had the rare privilege of spending the good part of today in my studio.  The past week of school was vomitous, with state-mandated tests taking up all the mornings, and then entire “regular” day scheduled classes crushed into the afternoon hours–felt like 15-hour workdays and I came home every evening exhausted and disgusted.  Glad that is behind me now.  Today was a much better day.

Winfield, Missouri is a sleepy Mississippi River town on Highway 79 northwest of St. Louis.  I traveled this road frequently during my university years as the highway connected my home with my campus five hours away.  Two summers ago, while on vacation, I decided to follow this old river highway once more to see if there were any sites worth capturing in watercolor.  I passed this establishment just as the sun was coming up.  I have already painted it twice (smaller compositions that you can see on my website but now have decided to go for some size and detail.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to “Stopping at the Desolate Winfield, Missouri Antique Store on a Summer Morning”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I actually love the heavy darks from your pouring. Whatever you did to fix it amazes me. I can not see evidence of you having retouched the surface. Thise darks really turn the darks on this storefront! Will look forward to what you do with this one, David.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you for the kind word! I was getting a little perturbed over this one, but today hope (sort of) dawned. I really spent much more time drawing and erasing and re-drawing than actual painting (they always poked fun at Willem de Kooning about that).

      I think the pavement needs to be darker still. The storefront is light and I really want it to “pop” in this painting. With large paintings I seem to struggle more with contrast. That’s always been an issue.

      I had to quit the studio and go to a social engagement. I returned just before midnight and worked some more on it till my eyes gave out. Today it is dark, rainy and chilly in Texas. I hope to spend much of it in the studio, although I have two massive preps for school tomorrow. So it looks like I’ll be dividing the paint time with prep time (and whatever else intrudes).

      Thank you for your encouragement.


  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I think this is coming along really well. I particularly like the texture in both the foreground and the background. Your experience shows as does your patience.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. I put quite a lot more into it since the last posting, but had to leave for a social engagement. Today I might get to pursue it further, though I have some “jobs” to do as well. I do plan to update with a new picture before retiring to bed tonight, though. Experience is the best education, yes (though the tuition is pretty high!). I find myself doing much more “head work” on this than my previous ones (because of stuff that has to be “fixed”). But it is starting to grow on me. I’m more optimistic than I was 48 hours ago.


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