Winfield Antiqure Store Finished and Delivered to the Gallery

Winfield Antique Store, Highway 79, Missouri

This painting has just been delivered to the Weiler House Fine Arts Gallery for framing (

It got hot, painting in the garage this afternoon, but I’m glad this job is finished.  The painting has been posted so many times on this blog that I think it best not to repeat myself.  If you would like to know the story behind this setting, please check the other Winfield blogs over the past few weeks.  Thanks to all of you who checked in on this painting daily to help “see it through”!

Thanks for reading.


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5 Responses to “Winfield Antiqure Store Finished and Delivered to the Gallery”

  1. Nancy Trottier Says:

    WOW David, what a marvelous journey this has been to follow! Thanks for posting all the stages and for sharing your angst at times!!!! Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we all did!


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Well thank you, Nancy! And thank you for following the long, twisting journey. Yes, there was plenty of angst–this was one of many of my works to start out badly. What I didn’t get around to sharing (forgot!) was that I used this piece in a demonstration at the Ellis County Art Association. While a roomful of artists watched, I screwed it up with too much pouring in the foliage. It got real dark, and I could do nothing about it. For weeks afterward, no matter how much I worked on the store facade, this dark, dark forest hung over the top, making the entire composition top-heavy. It still is top-heavy, but I can do nothing about that. I’m glad though that I didn’t just throw the painting away. I’m glad it’s actually finished, signed and getting a frame made for it.

    Thanks for all your encouragement, Nancy!


  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight! Beautiful!


  4. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    The greens and reds really pop in the brilliant sunlight. Very nice! And I still like all the texture in the foreground.


  5. davidtripp Says:

    Leslie and Linda, thank you. I appreciate so much your feedback. I haven’t painted in days–just finished the college finals, grading and also the high school progress reports. So much stuff taking away all the quality time. Next week I get to paint and judge a plein air event in Cotter, Arkansas. I’m really looking forward to that. Thank you for complimenting my use of sunlight–always an intimidating project to me.


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