Preparing for the Waxahachie Paint-Out

Lyndon Acres plein air tree

I have posted my last “practice” plein air watercolor sketch before the Big Event.  This was done yesterday late afternoon at Lyndon Acres in Burleson, Texas, where my wife rides.  As she worked her horse, I tried once more to capture the colors of sunwashed pastureland and deep verdant shadows off the trees.  I still haven’t found what I’m seeking, but I’ll keep experimenting.

Today (Friday) begins the Paint Historic Waxahachie plein air event, which will extend from today May 27 until Sunday, June 5.  Last year, I managed to create nine paintings in that space of time.  I hope to hit that mark again this year, though I confess I’m still not quite as “fast” as I was this time last year.  I have spent so much time in the studio these past few months, and less time outdoors, that I realize I have grown slower and more methodical in my painting.  Maybe I can break through all that this next week.

I promise to post tonight what I manage to get done this afternoon, on the first day of this event.

Thanks for reading.

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