Calling my “Bluff” at Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs Bluff

A hot, humid, sticky day in Arkansas, thanks to midnight thunderstorms the night before.  Our plein air class from the Eureka Springs School of the Arts began the morning at the Turpentine Creek Cat Refuge south on Highway 23 out of Eureka Springs.  My students asked me to do a demonstration, painting a slumbering Bengal tiger in the shadows.  I tried.  She turned over about a dozen times in the first 10 minutes.  My attempt of course was a disaster.  The students paintings that ensued however showed much more promise.

Our afternoon session was spent on Spring Street near where I am residing this week.  The students gravitated toward this beautiful bluff and flower bed shimmering in the sun.  They called my bluff, asking me to do a painting demonstration of this scene, knowing I had never tried to paint a large natural rock surface.  I suppose I did O.K. on this (much better than on the tiger, which I won’t bother to post!).  After the students finished at 4:00, I noted that two students wished to remain for about another hour.  So I took this sketch back out, having only roughed out the bluff, and tried to knock out some flowerbeds (another first for me).  I lost the light as the evening shadows lengthened, so I will need to come back to this one.  The flowers and foliage are not quite finished.

An inspiring day for plein air painting, once again.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “Calling my “Bluff” at Eureka Springs”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Your bluff is quite imposing. Really well done. I will wait to see the final painting but good start to this one. You are brave to accept challenges when teaching a class but I’ve always believed our children learn from our failures so I’m sure students do too.


  2. lesliepaints Says:

    I love this. Dancing in the light is what this rock surface looks like to me! Plus, I like the vignette look of it. Would brighten any room, framed.


  3. davidtripp Says:

    Thanks so much, Linda and Leslie. I’m glad that I finally finished this piece (on a different post now). I think I would like to try my hand at some more bluffs if I could find some with good light on them.


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