Colorado Dizziness! Durango-Silverton Railroad Watercolor Finished!

Durango Silverton RxR finished

This 4th of July finds me somewhere between Vincent Van Gogh’s steam locomotive and Andy Warhol’s factory.  I’m possessed with an energy to kick out some art work on an assembly line.  I frequently allow a number of watercolor partial attempts to accumulate in my studio–some that I regarded as “finished enough” en plein air and others that just started out badly and I abandoned them but did not throw them away–just threw them aside.

Now and then a day comes along like this one, where I choose to line up the unfinished pieces and resolve to bring them to their conclusions, sign them, blog them and move on.

This painting began during the Art in the Park festival in Kennedale, Texas.  During a slow moment in sales and traffic I sat on my stool and began this work, using a small reference photo (3 x 5″).  I never thought anything significant would come of it–just passing time (festivals can become rather long when the sales taper off).  In the months following (this began in April), I took the sketch out now and then and “diddled” with it.  I thought it was finished last week, but then saw some more things in it that bothered me.  Now I’m satisfied.

I long for the next time I get to board the Durango-Silverton.  My wife and I are thinking seriously about a trip to Colorado when the Aspens start to turn.  We’ll see.

Oh well, I have another railroad composition awaiting-one that started badly.  We’ll see if anything positive can come out of that.

Thanks for reading, and happy 4th of July.


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4 Responses to “Colorado Dizziness! Durango-Silverton Railroad Watercolor Finished!”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Absolutely bright and full of light!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you Leslie. I’m starting to get some “guts” about this “light” thing. I always loved the Impressionists and their daring, but I always said “Hey, they worked in oil and could do re-do’s. Watercolor doesn’t allow many of those.” I think that is always why I shied away from fog, steam, etc.


  2. Jennifer Jonas Van Schenck Says:

    Excellent job! And very familiar subject matter. I highly recommend a trip to the Aspen/Snowmass area at the end of September or early October to hike and paint the Maroon Bells.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Jennifer, my God! How long has it been since we last saw one another–almost 20 years! Thank you for coming to my blog and posting. I recall you were a fabulous artist. Have you given Colorado a shot with your talents? I finally bit the bullet and did some plein air work there last summer. Really hope I get to go back this fall. Thank you so much for writing. Please stay in touch!


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