Watercoloring the Haltom Jewelers Clock

Haltom's Jewelers Clock, Sundance Square

This morning, I rose bright and early, determined to go after this clock that I have avoided from the start.  I spent about 30 minutes on it, then quit to work out at the health club.  Returning, I labored over it again for about an hour, then quit again,  This afternoon, I am chipping away at it yet again.  My fear has been that the clock would melt into the background, so I keep backing away to study my reference photos taken on location, to get a good read of the surrounding contrasting colors.  As I’m getting deeper and deeper into this painting, I’m aware of my tendencies to “choke,” as I fear doing something that will un-do whatever good work I laid as a foundation.  So far, I’m pleased.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “Watercoloring the Haltom Jewelers Clock”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    That choking part is the hardest thing to overcome. You do great with all this, I think. When I get too analytical, I usually define too much or don’t take it slow enough. Good post. Nice clock, David! Remeber. We won’t see that photo reference. It is your call. 🙂


  2. Clock Watcher but no Painter Says:

    I am “undone” at how real it looks! You have every reason to be pleased . . . Beautiful.


  3. davidtripp Says:

    I’m overwhelmed. Thank you Leslie and Clock Watcher! I believe it’s actually gotten a little better. I’ll be re-posting it soon.


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