Haltom’s Jewelers Watercolor, Sundance Square, Nearly Complete

Haltom's Jewelers nearly finished

I’m trying very hard to have this watercolor wrapped up and delivered to the Weiler House Gallery by tomorrow (http://www.weilerhousefineart.com).  The latest obstacle interfering with its successful completion is our air conditioning breaking down today.  It is only 102 degrees outside now, meaning that the inside of my studio is a cool 90 degrees.  I find this exceptionally irritating, especially since I called in our problem Saturday morning and it only took four days for someone to come and announce that the motor was nearly dead, and that ordering and receiving the replacement would take a minimum 48 hours–then 3 hours after he left, the motor gave up the ghost.

At any rate, I still hope to finish this tonight and deliver it tomorrow.  I will take one final photo of the completed work.  I hope all I need do is complete the downspout and vertical slice of brick facade running down the right side of the composition.  Of course, if I stare at it long enough, I’ll no doubt find other things to do to it.  Nevertheless, I’m sticking with my self-imposed deadline.   Tomorrow, then.

Thanks for reading, and especially for following up on this particular watercolor odyssey.  It’s been an interesting path for me.

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4 Responses to “Haltom’s Jewelers Watercolor, Sundance Square, Nearly Complete”

  1. Savannah Castillo Says:

    Honestly this might be my favorite watercolor you have done yet. I know you say its not finished but it looks amazing to me. Thanks for posting updates as you go along. It is really interesting to see the process and it has inspired me to try outdoor painting. (which by the way is so much fun!)


    • davidtripp Says:

      Savannah, thank you. I’m very pleased, and I believe it is the best of all I’ve attempted. I’m also glad the updates are not annoying. Enjoy your outdoor painting experiences, as I certainly do mine, though this one has been done indoors. It is a huge painting, by my standards. Outside, I work about 9 x 12 maximum size, and try to be finished in no later than 2 hours.


  2. Alex Zonis Says:

    It is very lovely! Congratulations on the completion, well done!


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