Durango-Silverton RxR Vista in Watercolor

Durango-Silverton RxR Vista in Watercolor

With the opening of my first-ever One-Man-Show only three nights away, it has been fun, finishing watercolor compositions and delivering them to the Weiler House Fine Art Gallery (http://www.weilerhousefineart.com).  This afternoon, I got a sneak preview of the installation of the show, and was delighted to see this piece presented in a beautiful custom mat.  Besides my trademark nostalgia watercolors from the American 1950’s, there are several railroad compositions included in the show.  The scenes include Burleson, Texas, Eureka Springs, Arkansas as well as Durango, Colorado.

I cannot explain my train fetish.  From my childhood, I was flooded with that sense of wonder and delight of model railroads, and still remember my first Lionel layout when I was of preschool age.  I also remember pressing my nose against department store windows late at night, staring at layouts with dozens of trains winding about in all directions.  We frequently picked up my grandmother at the St. Louis Union Station when I was barely old enough to walk.  I still remember the pain of my parents holding both my hands tightly as we hurried along, and I tugged and strove to look about at all the different sets of road colors on the F diesels that polluted the 31-track train shed.  In later years, I was fascinated with all the road names on the sides of the passenger cars rolling in and out of St. Louis–the Frisco, New York Central, Pensy, MOPAC, Burlington Route, Wabash, etc.

I haven’t painted as many trains in this past year as I used to, but now have serious thoughts about returning to the practice.  I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some railroad management figures who have assured me access, provided that I call in advance for appointments and sign the necessary waivers.  The Texas weather is finally cooling enough for me to be outside longer.  I guess it’s time to resume the trainwatching!

Thanks for reading.  I hope you can attend the opening of my show Saturday night from 5-9:00.  Weiler House Fine Art Gallery is located at 3126 Handley Drive, Fort Worth, Texas   76112.

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4 Responses to “Durango-Silverton RxR Vista in Watercolor”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    David, bon chance with your opening. I wish I could be there but Indiana is a little far to drive on over. This is a lovely painting. The colors are energetic and the composition takes right into this world.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you for the warm reply, Linda. I’m getting excited as the time draws near. I’m so thrilled the gallery is on top of it the way they are, and glad to be ready myself. I just finished one more painting this morning that I believe I’ll put in the show as well. I’ll post it to the blog after I get home from school later.

      Thanks again.


  2. Michele Says:

    Hello! This watercolor is fantastic. I’ve been looking for a piece of art to represent my family’s recent trip to Durango. Would this watercolor still be available for sale?


    • davidtripp Says:

      Good morning, Michele, and thank you for your kind comments. This specific watercolor has already sold, but I have created a new one from the same composition, that is now framed and hanging in my gallery. If you are interested, I would be glad to post a picture for you to see. Again thank you.


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