Hico, Texas–Painting the Town on a Hot Summer Day

Downtown Hico, Texas

Now that school is underway, I really miss the open road and those splendid opportunities of the past summer to paint en plein air.  Though the temperatures remained at triple digits (including this afternoon spent in Hico, Texas), I nevertheless found favorable settings for watercoloring in the open air.

Hico, Texas was a fun place to pass the day.  From this location, I was situated on the divided street of the main drag, enjoying the shade of trees and gazebos.  There was even Wi-Fi available, and I was able to blog on that particular afternoon from the place where I painted.  A number of the town’s citizens dropped by out of curiosity, watched me paint, and engaged me in meaningful conversation.  To me these are the most perfect moments in creating art–the privilege of talking to strangers who will not remain strangers.  I felt a real “connectedness” on that day, with every conversation that transpired.  I am hoping that when the temperatures cool, the leaves turn, and the art festival season ends, that I will be able to return to Hico for further work.  I was fascinated with the age of the public buildings, with their rusticated, cut-stone exteriors, old signage and fabulous shadows.  And I now know that the public is very receptive to artistic endeavors on the main drag.

Thanks, Hico!  It was a fun day, and I look forward to returning.  And thanks all of you for reading.

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One Response to “Hico, Texas–Painting the Town on a Hot Summer Day”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I love the look of the stone building. Very nice.


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