Ready to Watercolor Harleys Again

Harley Chicks

Besides getting ready for my return to school, I spent most of this day printing 5 x 7″ greeting cards of my watercolors for this weekend’s festival.  When looking at some of my Harley paintings from the past (including this one pictured), I decided to make another run at a Harley watercolor.  I have no originals left, and the time is past due for me to get some fresh Harley paintings out to these fall festivals.

I titled this one Harley Chicks because of my amusement at Luckenbach, Texas to see chickens hanging out with the parked Harleys.  Someone later told me it was because they picked bugs out of the tire treads.  I never noticed that.  I just took plenty of photos of them just standing around the bikes.

I have this notion of someday painting a red Harley with white chickens surrounding it, so I can spoof the William Carlos Williams poem:

So much depends

upon a red wheelbarrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens.

That is not what I’ve started today, however.  I have a photo I took a couple of summers ago of some overweight bikers getting on their Harleys in front of a candy store.  I’ve decided to give that one a shot.  Too bad I don’t have enough accomplished to post that picture tonight.  I really hope to, tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “Ready to Watercolor Harleys Again”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Harley riders at the candy store. What fun!


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