Completed the Harley Watercolor

Time for a Cold One

On a scalding hot day in the Texas hill country, I paused to photograph this pair of road-weary bikers stopping for a refresher.  The motorcycle odyssey has always resonated deeply with me, though I have never owned a Harley.  I recorded this slice of American life in watercolor, attempting to enjoy their moment vicariously.

I’m glad I finished up the painting in just two days, thanks for quality time in the man cave.  I have it matted in a standard 11 x 14″ mat.  Just in time for the Edom Festival of the Arts.  Tonight, I plan to print a sizable quantity of 5 x 7″ greeting cards of it, with the above text on the back.

Thanks for reading.  It’s been another good day to create.

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2 Responses to “Completed the Harley Watercolor”

  1. Biker Babe Tours Says:

    Nice painting, David. You sure have some talent! Makes me want to be there on my purple HOG. ; )


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thanks for looking! I’m hoping to do a few more soon. I have to leave for a weekend art festival in the morning, and plan to do some watercolor sketches while out there.


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