Relaxing and Watercoloring in Rural Crockett, Texas

Rural Crockett Rest Area

This weekend was filled with relaxation and plein air watercolor sketching in Crockett, Texas.  I met two new dear friends who invited me to their property over the weekend to scout and sketch subjects that they knew I enjoyed watercoloring.  This is the first of two that I worked on while there (aside from taking dozens and dozens of digital photographs and enjoying engaging conversation).

The sun was setting, cows were calling out for dinner, and deer were emerging from the nearby wooded area to forage in the cow pasture for food.  I couldn’t think of a lovelier setting, and I thought the sight of this restful bench was just the right subject to put into the heart of the composition.

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2 Responses to “Relaxing and Watercoloring in Rural Crockett, Texas”

  1. mamadestroy Says:

    Lovely work. Working in watercolors is so much more challenging than most people realize. i love that you were able to achieve the crisp lines of the bench as well as those lovely washes of green at the bottom. Something I, sadly, could never do. sigh.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you! I actually flubbed the bench lines considerably, but decided to let it go. After all, it is only a sketch. But I’m now interested in attempting some park benches and am not sure how to solve the clean line business! Thank you so much for your gracious comments.


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