Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival in the Books

Waxahachie Commerce

The Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter Festival on the town square in Waxahachie was a fabulous success.  The bright sunny weather featured cool breezes that held the temperatures in the low-70’s and the ten-hour festival blew by fast.  It was my third consecutive year to have my booth in the VIP section on Franklin Street, just in front of the main stage, and the time spent with my friends and patrons from past festivals was exhilarating.

I am posting a watercolor that I did of two businesses on College Street (also on the square) that unfortunately burned last year and have been torn down.  During breaks in the festival proceedings, I turned a sad eye on the ruins where these two businesses formerly stood.  The law office had purchased this watercolor back in 2009 at the close of the Paint Historic Waxahachie event, my first time to participate in that plein air enterprise.  That event actually marked the beginning of my own plein air odyssey.  So, to look on this painting, and to travel to Waxahachie to see the ruins, fills me with a sense of sadness, as well as gratitude for the poignant memories left by that site.

I am still selling plenty of greeting cards of this image, so the residents apparently still cling to the memories as well.  Maybe all of us can take pages from William Wordsworth and Marcel Proust, who wrote of those primal memories worth carrying with us.  Oftentimes, we look back and find defining moments in them, that otherwise may have passed into oblivion.  The core of my watercolor collection seeks to capture those cultural relics from my own past, because I want to remember those thriving businesses that now stand as sere architectural husks.  Hopefully, I can begin my next composition today, when school is over.

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