Beginning a Victorian House in Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil

Waxahachie Victorian Home begun in Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

After completing my first demonstration in the Prismacolor vendor booth at the conference in Galveston, I had about 20 minutes to begin another demonstration before the booths closed for the afternoon.  Here is a quick effort at a Victorian home in Waxahachie that I have admired for several years but had not gotten around to painting.  I drafted it quickly in pencil, and just had time to pencil down the basic wash under-paintings, and scribble out some foliage.  I really look forward to getting back to this one.  I like the freshness of the start, and think it will only improve as I re-work it in pencil and use a damp brush to spread some of the colors.  There are some good shadows on the reference photo I took of the subject.

The week promises to be busy at school, but I’ll try to find an afternoon or evening to force my way back into this composition.

Thanks for reading.

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