In Progress Watercolor of Fort Worth Flat Iron Building, Downtown

Fort Worth Flat Iron Building

After an exhausting day of lecturing my way through three Art History sections, I finally had the opportunity to return to this full-size watercolor (22 x 30″) of an historic Flat Iron building on the south side of downtown Fort Worth.  Though the building is a considerable walk from mainstream Sundance Square, it is nevertheless worth the walk to view it in all its dignity.  I have wanted to paint it for several years, and quite frankly have felt intimidated with all the details on the building.  But now I have the serious urge, so I’ll see where it takes me.

I have another major watercolor project to tackle this weekend, that is long past due.  No doubt I’ll be posting that one as well.  I sincerely hope I can get some quality work done on this pair of projects with what time I have left Friday through Sunday.  Next week promises to be a brutal school schedule.

Thanks for reading.

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