One-Hour Oil Portrait Sketch by a Ninth-Grade Student

One-Hour Oil Sketch by Ninth-Grade Student

In another post on this same day, I introduced my private art student, Maddie, who has studied with me since last October.  Here, I have posted a one-hour oil sketch that she did as a preliminary to the finished portrait that I posted earlier.  They are two separate paintings.  I cannot express my pride in this young ladie’s work, seldom do I encounter students so young and so serious to learn their craft.  Maddie never took a pencil or charcoal to this canvas; the portrait sketch was begun with turpentine-thinned oil for a sepia wash.  She blocked it in quickly and accurately, then layered her paints following the preliminary sketch.

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to “One-Hour Oil Portrait Sketch by a Ninth-Grade Student”

  1. bonnie burson Says:

    David, this oil sketch is fabulous……that is what is such a blessing about working with the young….
    If we can keep them fearless, they will excel………even more…..
    The trick is that they not become tight and fearful of “doing the right thing”


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