Gazing upon Landmarks from our Past

Fort Worth Flatiron

This historic Flatiron building, located at 9th & Houston on the southside of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, was erected between 1906-1907.  The inspiration behind the building was the famous New York City flatiron.  With my frequent walks around Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, I usually cannot resist a stroll to the south side so I can see this magnificent structure, particularly on sunny mornings when the east side of it is washed in the yellow sunlight.

I have been at work on this piece for a couple of weeks, but sadly, I cannot seem to give it any more than an hour at a time, sometimes only five-to-ten minutes.  There are simply too many distractions getting in the way.  I can say that finally there is enough pigment on the paper that I can get “more interested” in the painting aspect, although there is still plenty of detail drawing to pursue, and I do find that time-consuming.  Perhaps with the approaching weekend I can shut myself into the studio and see how far I can push it.  The size is daunting (28 x 22″) and I must confess that I am frequently “lost” in the details of it, but I  believe I’ll have a decent painting once it is completed.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to find a little more joy in the process, and hopefully that will occur when I have more time to invest in it.

Thanks for reading.

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