Finding inspiration in an Historic Flatiron structure

Historic Flatiron from Fort Worth, Texas

I regret that these posts of this flatiron are not changing more profoundly, but frankly, I’m up to my elbows drawing and re-drawing details on this building!  The 22 x 28″ paper is daunting in size, and I keep getting lost as I devote long periods of time developing an area that is only a few square inches at a time.  The school schedule this week is promising to be more “intense” than usual, with my three separate art classes doing three different preps in three different rooms, on top of my regular art history and advanced art history sections being in different periods right now, and of course a humanities class that is separate altogether.  Too many details.  Somehow, I’ll find a way to continue chipping away at this large watercolor nevertheless.

I had the privilege of painting a smaller composition of a flatiron in Eureka Springs, Arkansas–one lacking the historical depth of this particular one in Fort Worth.  In both cases, I could not help rhapsodizing over how wonderful it would be to have one’s studio in one of these upper windows, looking over the city!  I cannot help it–whether I’m painting a Victorian home, envying the one who resides inside the cupola, or painting an historic building, envying those who occupy prime window views overlooking the city, I’m always thinking of that perfect space to dream, to create.  And now, it is this Fort Worth flatiron that holds my attention.

My plan this evening is to get out the brush again and begin laying in more large color areas.  I’ve enjoyed all the pencil work and detail, but I’m growing weary of seeing this composition from a distance and realizing it isn’t changing much over the days.  It’s time to get it moving again.

Thanks for reading.

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